Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swimming with B

Brooks has always loved the water. Bath time has always been so much fun for him and he has never minded water in his face. So, we enrolled him in swimming lessons (aka water tots) at our local community center a couple months ago and he is loving it! Now, we use the term "lessons" very loosely. Obviously, there is only so much to be taught at this age, however, we all have a fun time! Matt and I have been taking turns getting in the water with him, and my first time was of course the time they have us dunk them under water for the first time! Just my luck. I looked at Matt and said, "really?! Are you kidding me!" Yes, I dunked him after thinking long and hard about not going through with it and with Matt's strong nod of it! And in the end Brooks didn't even bat an eye. He's such a trooper. I think mama was more scared than him.

Practicing his back stroke...

Splashing daddy...I love Matt's expression in this pic!


Mattymill said...

I'm quite sure that without my strong head nod of "Yes - you will dunk him!", mamma would have barely gotten his chin wet. :) It's been great fun swimming with our lil B'ster!

Bobbie said...

LOVE these photos! Looks like the "B" is enjoying each and every minute of 'class time'. I understand your hesitation, Amanda, when you had to put him under water the first time. I did the same thing with Jamie & Nicole - and I clearly remember my hesitation in doing it... even after all these years! We so love that little man - and miss him bunches!!!
Grandpa & Nonna

Grandma Cathy said...

What an adorable water baby! I'm so glad he loves the water. All my boys did. Nick and Olivia can't wait to go swimming with Brooks! Soon!!!